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Our Governors

The governing body consists of 14 members, they govern a voluntary aided school. The governing body consists of: 

a) two parent governors 

b) one LA governor

c) one staff governor

d) one head teacher 

e) eight foundation governors

f) one co-opted governor

The foundation governors shall compromise: one ex-office governor (the principal officiating minister of the parish in which the school is situated) and seven foundation governors appointed as follows: 2 by the Diocesan Board of Education, 2 by the Parochial Church Council of the Parish in which the school is situated and 3 by the Deanery in which the school is situated. Our governors and their role are outlined below.

Mrs S Brinded, Clerk to the Governors at:

    First Appointed Term of office From To

Head Teacher 

(governor by virtue of office)

Lorraine Collins - Headteacher


Ex Officio Foundation Governor

Rev'd Karen Mitchell - Co-Chair


Foundation Governors 

(appointed by the Diocese x2)


Foundation Governors 

(appointed by the Deanery x3)

  13/02/2024 13/02/2024 12/02/2028
Judy Crook - Co-Chair    20/02/2023 20/02/2023 19/02/2027
Obinna Eneli   09/05/2022 09/05/2022 08/05/2026
Jennifer Higgins   20/02/2023 20/02/2023 19/02/2027

Foundation Governors 

(appointed by the PCC x2)

 Carmen Robson      
Christine Bozwood Davies   03/09/2020 03/09/2020 02/09/2024
Elected Parent Governors (x2)        
Ola Ladapo   07/11/2023 07/11/2023 07/11/2027
Elected Staff Governors (x1)        
Rachael Courtart   01/09/1996 29/11/2021 28/11/2025
LA Governors (x1)        
*Jeanette Farrow    03/10/2022 03/10/2022 02/10/2026
Co-opted Governors         
Emily Lambert   20/02/2023 20/02/2023 19/02/2027

by Virtue of school post 

Justine Hobbs (Finance Manager)

Clerk - Sue Brinded        
* denotes a Governor who is also a parent of a child at St Nicholas        

Our School is committed to open and transparent communication at all times and so papers and information for all governor's sessions are available to all governors on Governorhub and internal email systems.

Within our structure we have:
  • The Full Governing Body (FGB)
  • Resources and Admissions committees
  • Policies and working parties 
Resources Committee:

Membership under review

Admissions Committee:

Karen Mitchell - Chair, Lorraine Collins, Christine Bozwood Davies, Clerk - Sue Brinded


Mrs Lorraine Collins 

Safeguarding Governor:

Christine Bozwood Davies