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We want children to learn to read quickly and accurately and to then keep on reading. We want children to see reading not only as a task set by teachers in school but as an activity which provides pleasure and escape from the modern world. We passionately believe that with the right support that all children can and will learn to read. In order for all children to be successful we assess them each half term and place them in a group that is matched to their ability. We are constantly informally assessing the children to make sure that they are at the “Goldilocks spot” where the books they read are neither too easy nor too hard. If needed children receive additional support to help them on their journey to becoming a confident reader. Within the daily phonics sessions children will be encouraged and supported to not only develop their decoding skills but also their comprehension and fluency skills. 

Our aim is for every child to enjoy reading and become a reader so that they develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually. We believe teaching a child to read is the single most important thing we can do and we are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers. We want pupils to develop a love of reading for pleasure, as well as for information, by reading widely and often. It is our desire for pupils to be exposed to a variety of literature, genres and authors so that our pupils will be confident when reading and read with good understanding.