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At St Nicholas we intend to create children who are interested in the scientific aspects of their world and motivated to find out more. We intend for them to understand that science is an everyday and important part of their world and will be even more so in the future. By learning about science at St Nicholas our children will have an understanding of how their world works and they will know that science is a subject that is relevant to their lives. 

St Nicholas is surrounded by many science industries and we are well positioned to realise that scientists have impact in the world right now and that more scientists are needed for the future. Creating future scientists starts with igniting children’s curiosity and giving them the skills to observe and notice and therefore ask questions and subsequently to investigate and explore and find out some answers or even more questions. We want our children to be interested in the planet and love their planet and understand that decisions they make will have an impact because the future of the planet is in their hands.