Zones of Regulation

We are very pleased that our staff have recently had some training with the educational psychologist service and will be introducing a new curriculum called Zones of Regulation. The goal of the curriculum is to teach children about self-regulation and how to strengthen their self-regulation skills.  Self-regulation can go by many names, such as self-control, self-management, and impulse control. Self-regulation is an essential skill in life, and in all learning environments. Children who can regulate their own emotion and attention are better ready to learn and thrive.

In the first half of the curriculum children learn about identifying emotions in themselves and others.  The second half of the curriculum teaches about tools for changing from one Zone to another, so that if you are in blue, yellow, or red zone there are strategies you can use to help you to get back to green.

It is very important to know that none of the Zones is “bad” or “naughty.”  All of the Zones are expected at one time or another, we all feel these emotions at some time. As the curriculum progresses, children will practice identifying what Zone is expected, and how to change Zones to better match their levels of alertness and emotions to their situation.

Please find links below with further information for parents.


A Guide to Zones of Regulation

Zones PowerPoint for Parents


Resources for Positive Behaviour Support and Zones of Regulation parent workshop


pbs plan completed example

Zones of Regulation and Positive behaviour Presentation for Parents

Self-Regulating Poster

Star chart template

Blank bucket model

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pbs plan completed example 2