Choir Trip to Royal Albert Hall

St Nicholas’ School Choir was up bright and early on Sunday 8th March to travel to The Royal Albert Hall to take part in Hertfordshire Schools’ Gala led by Mr Hart and Mrs Shortland. After weeks of rehearsals at school there was much excitement and the children were keen to get going. Following morning rehearsals, after lunch the children took their places in the Albert Hall with hundreds of other children from school choirs, bands and dance companies, accompanied by the Hertfordshire Schools’ Symphony Orchestra. They performed with great enthusiasm popular songs such as Reach and Let Me Entertain You but the main part of their programme was an original work by Anne Dudley with words by Ian McMillan called I am Alban exploring the life of St Alban. The children really enjoyed learning and singing about the living history of St Alban and family and friends watched proudly as they smiled and performed superbly. Some of the choir fell asleep on the way home after such a long day but they all agreed it was a fantastic experience.