Dogs Helping KIds - DHK


We are soon to be welcoming a very special new member of staff this term – a black Labrador called Tiny Teasel!

Tiny Teasel, who is six months old, will be working full-time at St Nicholas Primary School, Six Hills Way, teaching the children values such as respect, responsibility, friendship and trust.

Tiny Teasel, trained through the charity Dogs Helping Kids (DHK), will work with children of all ages, both in and outside the classroom. Classes and individual children will benefit from her presence, and she will even be trained to read flashcards.

Headteacher at St Nicholas Mrs Sarah Stevens, who owns Tiny Teasel, said: “There is so much he can offer our children, and we are very excited to be taking part in this pioneering project.

“Not only will he teach the children important values and improve their social skills and self esteem, but there is also a proven link between DHK dogs and an improvement in academic achievement and better behaviour.”

A Dogs Helping Kids spokesperson said: “The impact our special school dogs have on children in the educational environment is amazing and they can change and enhance lives forever.”