Highly Acclaimed Boy in school 29th February

It is with huge thanks to Sherma Batson for sponsoring this event that we are pleased to announce our year 5 and 6 children will have the opportunity to see this highly acclaimed show. 
BOY’ is a theatre in education show touring nationally. This show is targeted to Years 5 or Years 6 and it explores identity and preventing prejudice and bullying, particularly homophobic bullying.
BOY’s aim is to create safe spaces for all young people regardless of identity.
BOY’s mission is this; to inspire change and create a deeper understanding of the nature of prejudice in all its forms.
Using a cast of five professional actors, BOY explores homophobic and other forms of prejudicial bullying and language. BOY has been directly informed by focus group conversations with young people aimed at exploring their experiences of bullying and prejudicial language in the playground and in wider communities, to ensure the themes and content of BOY are grounded in young people’s everyday experiences.
‘BOY’ has been developed from extensive research and experience we have had over 10 years of touring (the majority of those years in Stevenage) and in collaboration with serving school leader and homophobia survivor Shaun Dellenty of the award winning Inclusion For All, 
Inclusion for All  work nationally and internationally to deliver a series of strategies that can be used to tackle gender stereotyping, LGBTQI stereotyping, homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and related derogatory language. Their award winning programmes train teachers and organisation leaders to implement equality in their workplace and their work is recognised in the media as well as throughout education, notably and recently working with the Archbishop of Canterbury on recognising preventing homophobic bullying.  Inclusion For All have chosen HyperFusion above hundreds of theatre companies to collaborate with because of our increasing reputation for successful delivery in a unique way and our passion for making change. 
Our aim is to create safe spaces for all young people regardless of identity.  We know you want to meet your statutory obligations with respect to the Equalities Act 2010 and current OFSTED requirements with regard to homophobic and transphobic bullying, so let us inspire your young people to develop strategies for understanding prejudice, successfully managing healthier relationships, creating ownership of their own behavioural choices and empowering embedded behavioural change through our interactive theatre experience.