Lady Tait Art Amazing


Please find attached a selection of great pictures from our friends at Lady Tait School, Kadoma.  The children of the school have produced artwork for us as we sent them the gift of our crest to display in their new entrance lobby sent in February 2016.  As a school we are looking to build and grow our link with our sister school. Over the next few weeks your children will:

  1. Create a display celebrating the art work from Lady Tait art
  2. Every child in the class has one to take home to share with their parents 
  3. By no later than Friday 10th June 2016 to have worked with your children to produce a response to their friends from Lady Tait. As we have the Queen’s birthday coming up we may want to consider something around, flags, the royalty, how we celebrate etc. This should include, where applicable, words and pictures. 

 I think the artwork the children have produced for us is amazing and something really to celebrate. We have a lot to live up to!