Playground design school council needs your help!


23rd January 2015


Dear Parent,


Yesterday I met with our school council about ways in which they would like to improve their school. It was very clear that many of their ideas were about the schools outside space.  They would like to improve the snacks that they eat outside, the games that they play, the toys that they use.  They would also like some playground markings, some equipment and most importantly a quiet area to sit and think and read, away from the louder games.


They want your child’s help with making sure we design something that the children of our school would most like.



The school council would like as many children as possible to give us ideas for the playground.  You can do this in a number of ways;


  1. Draw us a design for the large playground, the infant class playground or even behind the pavilion – or HUB.
  2. Write us a list of items you may like.
  3. Cut out pictures of things you’ve seen in other places that you may like.


Don’t forget to think about plants, all age groups of children, things we can use our imagination with and things that aren’t going to break with lots of use. 


School council meet again on Thursday 5th February 2015 to decide which ideas we would like to include in our school improvement plan. So get your ideas to us by no later than Wednesday 4th February please. You can use the page overleaf to complete this on or you can put it on any paper you like but please include your name and class so that when we start to develop the playground we can put your name near the equipment and for the launch!



If you think you could help us in developing the playground. Perhaps you are a gardener, landscaper or just great at design.  Please give us a call on 01438 352706.


We look forward to seeing your designs and ideas.


Sarah Stevens