Read Write Inc News

We are very pleased with how the new Read, Write Inc scheme is working in school and are enjoying all children working in groups of no more than 14 to undertake this work.  Many children are now becoming free readers.  We just wanted to take a moment to remind you of some ways you can be involved and help your child. 

1) Take a moment to have a look at the read, write inc parent materials:

2) Once a week your child will bring home a read, write inc book.  This will have the Read Write Inc logo on it: 

Read Write Inc logo

This is the book that your child will have practised in school and can read to you fluently and in a reader voice.  Encourage them to read accurately and fluently with this book and support them in reading the red and green words within the book speedily.  Also in these books you will find the sounds your child is currently working on. You can also help them read these. 

3) Your child may receive two other books from school, a library book and a reading scheme book.  The library book is really a book for you to read to your child.  However you can ask them to explain the pictures and ask them questions about the book once read. The reading scheme book is for your child to read.  Theses are as closely linked as possible to your child's read, write inc level but do not match exactly. They may need support with some words and please feel free to tell them words that can not easily be sounded out. 


4) Remember even when your child is a free reader they need support and help in reading and understanding books and time with an adult or older sibling to read remains beneficial for many years to come. 


As always Mrs Sarah Stevens and Mrs Amanda Stevens are readily available to answer any questions you may have about your child's reading.