SCAMP returns and you are invited

As with the Steel Pans Project last year, our Gamelan Project  involves a number of songs linked together by a narration. (The story is likely to be titled "The little lost dinosaur"). As before, It revolves around having all the children concerned for the whole time together through the week. The UH students will arrive for a 10.00 start each day and breaks etc included will finish at 15.00 for children to be dismissed as usual. The Project culminates with a performance on the Friday afternoon at 14.00.

Within the 10.00 ­- 15.00 period there will be a range of activities that will be dominated by singing but which will include playing the gamelan -
the idea is that each of the children taking part will at some stage have an opportunity to play gamelan. There are 6 classes: with c.30 a class, 15 can play gamelan at any one time. So we take one class at a time for, say, 30 minutes and split them into two. One half plays the pans and other half do a rhythmic session/game in their classrooms and halfway through the session they swap over.

The UH students will also talk about "aspiration" and going to university, what they do there etc. This is most appropriate for years 5 + 6.


(The morning sessions from 10.50-12.00 do not involve the children singing the whole time: a couple of students will talk about/involve everybody in
something probably quite unrelated to the show for about 20 minutes during that session)

10.00-10.30  Head to meet students. Set up gamelan.
10.50-11.20  All classes - read story. Introduce to gamelan.
11.20-12.00  New song.

1.30-2.00  Class 1 gamelan
2.05-3.00  All classes - song(s)

10.00-10.30  All classes - recap songs
10.50-12.00  All classes - New songs etc

1.30-2.00  Class 2 gamelan
2.00-3.00  Class 3 gamelan
2.30-3.00  All classes - songs

10.00-10.30  All classes - recap songs
10.50-12.00  All classes - New songs etc

1.20-1.50  Class 4 gamelan
1.55-2.25  Class 5 gamelan
2.30-3.00  All classes - songs

10.00-10.30  All classes - recap songs
10.50-11.20  All classes - new song
11.20-12.00  Years 5 + 6 - talk about University

1.30-2.00  Class 6 gamelan
1.55-3.00  All classes - songs

10.00-10.30  ?
10.50  Run-through

Early afternoon - Hall preparation
2.00 SHOW