Staffing updates for St Nicholas

10th July 2017

 Dear KS2 parent,

 Changes to your child’s class teacher September 2017

 As is often the case in schools some staffing elements are completed in July. Senior leaders in the school have been busy looking at staffing across the school and due to a few last minute moves we now write to tell you that there will be a change to your child’s class teacher in September. The children will all be informed today and their new teachers will be in place to meet them at the move up day on the 13th July.

In July we say goodbye / farewell to Mr Steve Calbraith. We wish him well as he moves school. Ms Nicola Hannah leaves the key stage 2 team as she moves to year 2 to support Mrs A Stevens.

 Year 3 will be taught by Mr Hart.  He will be joined by Mrs Nicola Randall as his TA and Mr Dejan Illici (teacher trainee).

 Year 4 will be taught by Mrs Lisa King and Ms Jo Chicco both of whom the class know well. Mrs Sulman will remain as class TA in this room and will also help with year 3 some afternoons.

Year 5 will remain with Mrs Jutsum and she will be joined by Mrs Bev Barnes.

Year 6 remain as Mrs Cathy Ruddlesden and Mrs Sue Heath. However this year they will also be joined by Mrs Kerry Risley.

Mrs Rachael Newman Saunders will be with us Monday to Thursday and will cover PPA for years 3-6. This will include the modern foreign languages teaching.

Mrs Sarah Stevens, Mrs Amanda Stevens and Mrs Lisa King will continue to monitor all children’s progress and attainment across the school at key points and of course monitor teaching. We are very pleased to be able to have a great and committed teaching staff and hope the children are looking forward to their new year groups and teachers.

Yours sincerely,


Sarah Stevens