Stevenage Schools Love Day

An amazing and wonderful effort has been put in by our school councillors to prepare our children for the Stevenage Schools Parliament Love Day.  Today we join with: Broom Barns, Almond Hill Junior, Barclay, Barnwell, St Maragaret Clitherow, Lodge Farm, Trotts Hill, Round Diamond, Roebuck, Ashtree, Featherstone Wood, Mossbury, Giles Infants, Peartree, Ashton St Marys and Shephalbury Park schools in taking part in the first ever Stevenage Schools Parliament Love Day. 

The food bank in Stevenage have been overwhelmed by the response and have almost run out of storage space!  We hope to upload photos throughout the day of the full amount collected by all schools but for now here are our school council packaging the goods collected by St Nicholas ready for collection.