Teaching assistant of the year award

As you will know we always appreciate the work of everyone in our school, be they volunteer or paid, and like to try to find ways to recognize exceptional work. The teaching assistants in our school are all amazing and this is often commented upon by our colleagues when visiting and other people attached to the school.  Every year there is a number of competitions run to recognize this work and in October 2017 we nominated Christine Shortland for the Community Education Awards 2018 in the Teaching Assistant of the Year Category. 

I am very pleased to announce that out of just over 7,500 entries that Christine was shortlisted for the finals and achieved the Highly Commended award.  

Here is the original nomination and attached the letter and certificate. 

Purpose of Project / Reason for Nomination:

Our application is for an unsung hero who never expects praise or thanks for what she does. Her contribution to the school is immense and we would like to show our appreciation by nominating her for an award.  She is the most dedicated professional with a love and devotion to the children in her care and always wants what is best for them and the school. She works countless hours over and above her contract, supports the PTA, is a fully committed governor and volunteers for anything and everything going.  She can be seen dancing to make money during the schools annual fundraiser, running the fun run and attending events outside of school to raise awareness of what we do. In school she inspires children in their lessons, covers for and supports colleagues and runs after school activities. Every single child and family in the school know her and have been impacted by her for one thing or another whether it be identifying a child needs a hearing check or making sure a child gets the counselling they need. As a long standing and exceptional member of the staff we would like to formally recognise her for the work she does. We would like to introduce you to Christine Shortland
Reason (in approx 150 words, please give reasons why this project / person should win this Award):
Remembering all
Team player
Christine is a caring, unsung hero at our school who always takes time to remember and care for every child and adult in the school. She is inspiring in her levels of energy and the way she shares her passion for great schooling.  As a TA and a governor she is a great team player and is always including everyone. She is novel in the way that she works and the brightness that she brings and to us and all the children she has worked with, eminent in every way.