The all new St Nicholas School Council

Today after many days of voting and democratic process the all new school council of St Nicholas was revealed. This year we are working with: 

Trinity and Austin (Year 1)

Jayden and Enid (Year 2)

Theo and Leah (Year 3)

Daniella and Ben (Year 4)

Ama and Jerome (Year 5)

Martyna and Sam (Year 6)

Our first meeting of the year was on Friday 18th September where we worked on two key items: What items did we want to raise at the Stevenage Schools Parliament at the council offices on Monday and also what style of badge would we like this year. 

Point 1: On Monday we meet together with 104 other children from across Stevenage to decide what the children of Stevenage would like to improve. Our school council spent time today preparing the year 6 representatives for their presentation which they will make to all the other schools. After discussing many ideas we decided that we would all go away and write some ideas down over the weekend and that we would also like to propose the following items:

To work together as the children of Stevenage to improve the parks and recreation facilities in our areas as many of the play parks have items missing or are vandalised and we want all of our children to be able to go outside to play. 

To run a mini masterchef / bake off style competition focused on healthy eating perhaps working with Herts Catering and ending in a big event where we celebrate together healthy eating for children across Stevenage. 

To host a number of charity led competitions - basketball, football, gymnastics where the aim is to raise funds for a charity of our choosing based in Stevenage. 

Martyna and Sam will attend the big schools parliament meeting on Monday as the St Nicholas representatives and will feedback to our school during worship sometime next week. 

Point 2: We had a choice of three badges to choose from and decided to go with a shield shape which has on it a picture of a helping hand / friend or similar to show that we are here to help the other children in our school. 

All new School Council