Walk Once a Week returns

The return of the school council…


Walk Once a Week – 8/11/16

Dear Class Teacher / Assistant,

We are very pleased to announce the return of the walk once a week project to St Nicholas run by the school council.  This cannot come at a better time as the builders arrive on Monday 14th November! You will recall the aim is to walk to school or home once per week.  To qualify the pupil can park and stride (from Fairlands), scooter, bike, walk, come by bus, car share.  They can record a journey home or to school.  The school council launched this during Monday’s worship. 

During morning register the class teacher / assistant will ask for the child to call present, ask for lunch choice and then ask how did you get to school.  As the child responds the school councillor has a tick sheet to mark off. The school councillor keeps this sheet all week and then we upload as a school council on a Monday lunch. This will mean the school councillors can keep track without losing their precious lunch hour.

Each class has received enough badges for one for every child to start them off. This time the school council are also offering certificates and raffle prizes for those walking the most.

It is important the children are rewarded for walking as parking to the front of the school is about to be squeezed to its maximum and on certain weeks will be off limits altogether.

Thanks everyone for supporting your school council.