Virtual Learning Platform - FROG

We are very pleased to have a wonderful and comprehensive online learning portal, learning environment for the children and parents within our school. 

Children can request new passwords at any time through their class teachers and parents you can also do the same.  Mrs Coulthart leads on this area in school. 

FROG can be accessed through the FROG icon on the home page of the schools website: 

We believe this system will offer the following:

For our parents:

  • Parents can access live feeds on timelines so they never miss a moment
  • School news and letter are sent directly to parents through the platform
  • Parents can view, like and comment on their child's work direct from their dashboard

For our children: 

  • Personal dashboards make learning more fun and engaging
  • All students work is stored in one secure, funky timeline
  • Students' work is shared with their teachers, parents and peers
  • Give students access to the same technology they love to use outside of school