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School Meals

We offer a Pupil Choice service for school meals. Excellent meals, offering good value, are cooked on the premises by Herts Catering. A three-week rolling menu is which is sent home with parents in order for them to discuss the day’s selection with the children. Children then order their preference in the morning and this is prepared on the premises by Hertfordshire Catering. We are committed to a healthy eating policy and plentiful supplies of fresh vegetables, fruits and salads, breads, cakes and biscuits are offered in addition to a variety of hot and cold main course dishes.

Arrangements can be made for children with special dietary needs. A review with Herts Catering is undertaken for children with allergies.

All Reception and KS1 pupils are entitled to a free school meal under the Government initiative (UFSM )

All families on a low income are encouraged to register their details at as this will trigger additional support for your child.

Parents should pay for dinners via Arbor in advance of meals taken.  Parents may be asked to provide a home packed lunch if dinner money is not paid.

We have a policy of healthy eating in school. Children who bring a packed lunch from home should have a balanced meal. We encourage you to send some fruit or vegetables as part of your child’s packed lunch. Sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed.


Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are provided with a piece of fruit each day under the government’s national Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.

Children will be encouraged to try the ‘fruit of the day’. Snack time offers an opportunity to talk about healthy eating. Please let us know if you do not wish your child to have this snack.

Key Stage 2 children (Years 3 to 6) may bring a healthy snack to eat at break time, such as a piece of fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetables or a cereal bar (not chocolate).


Milk is currently available free of charge to all Nursery and Reception children not yet 5 years old.